Interested in taking action? Find all of the information you need here to get the ball rolling and to get yourself, your crew, community, friends, or family involved!

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Track Your Carbon Footprint

Many of the activities that we do every day, including eating, showering, brushing our teeth, driving to school, contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet and contributing to climate change. As we take steps to cut our carbon footprints and build a sustainable world, we find it important to know how much carbon we are emitting. Calculate your carbon footprint and track your progress using these trackers below:

The Islandwood Ecological footprint calculator is a quick and simple quiz that gives you an idea of your carbon footprint versus the carbon footprint of an average American citizen.

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The Nature Conservancy's carbon footprint calculator is a more detailed tracker of your household's carbon footprint. This tracker provides you with a breakdown of your carbon footprint in home energy, driving & flying, food & diet, and recycling & waste.

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Recommended Activities

*Pledge to be a Climate Leader*

Real leadership must come from us right now. Shortly after the People's Climate March in New York City, then 11 year-old Itzcuauhtli Martinez decided to take a vow of silence to inspire all of you to speak up for future generations. His 45-day silence strike for climate action inspired hundreds of thousands of youth to join in solidarity - with people all over the world sending in support and pictures of themselves with green wristbands. With global support, he created the #SilenceIntoAction pledge for a healthy and sustainable planet, delivering these signatures to Ban Ki-Moon and other world leaders at the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change. Our work is far from done and Itzcuauhtli will continue to keep the pledge going as more and more people of all ages step up to be climate leaders!


*The Climate Ribbon*

The Climate Ribbon is an arts ritual to grieve what we each stand to lose to Climate Chaos, and affirm our solidarity as we unite to fight against it.  

People from around the world are writing onto ribbons what they most love in their life—”Next year’s harvest” or “Miami, my city”—that they don’t want to lose to Climate Chaos.  In the Climate Ribbon arts ritual, participants are invited to find a stranger’s ribbon, read it aloud, have the group answer “We are with you,” or “We’ve got your back!” Then they tie the ribbon onto their wrists and take it home with them, committing themselves to work to beat back Climate Chaos so that our worst fears never come true. Together, our commitments weave a giant thread connecting all of us us as we work for a healthy, sustainable planet.

You can create ribbons together as a group or send one to Paris virtually

*Create a Garden*

If your school or community has the space and availability, a garden is a great option to help educate your peers on the importance of growing your own food and the effect that climate change has on the environment. There is a large movement called 'Carbon Agriculture' that seeks to encourage farming methods that preserve and grow the carbon in our soil. The Soil Carbon Cowboys are one group that's promoting the importance of keeping carbon in our soil.