Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez

A 9-year-old Youth and
Environmental Activist

Awards Received 2012:

Peace Maker
of the Year Award 2012

(Rocky Mountain Peace Center)

Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez, from Boulder, Colorado came into the world through the Aztec culture on his father’s side, and an environmental activist on his mother’s side. He was given his name at an all night Aztec ceremony with Elders in Aguilar, Colorado which was chosen by the Aztec elders of Mexico based on the cosmology of the Aztec calendar at six weeks of age. Itzcuauhtli came into the world with the heart and depth of a humble, wise warrior. He grew up participating in ceremonies and has been connected deeply with the earth since he was a baby.

Itzcuauhtli took his concern and wanting to care for the earth in to action at the very young age of seven, expressing himself through message driven performances, where he shines his light on stage. He has a gift for writing and performing lyrics that educate and inspire his and older generations alike, into action. He is a gifted performer and brings hope to audiences who experience the expression of Itzcuauhtli through his original rap performances. Michael Jackson’s music and moves has inspired Itzcuauhtli deeply, and he feels very connected to him and his positive lyrics.

Itzcuauhtli was truly the youngest speaker at the Rio+20 UN summit side events, giving his first small speech during the International Feather Ceremony, after he received an Eagle feather.

He, also with his brother Xiuhtezcatl gave one of the most inspiring and uplifting performances at the “New Earth” concert during the closing ceremonies in Rio Brazil.

Itzcuauhtli had his first interview in Rio and the interviewer had this to say about Itzcuauhtli in his article, “As negotiations here at Rio+20 have turned into an overinflated self-promotion fiesta for the world’s leaders, I thought it was about time that I share with you the most amazing young visionary I have ever met.  Oh yeah, and that’s not a mistake, he’s 9!” Full story at this link

Itzcuauhtli has participated and performed at many events, rallies, and conferences in the US focused on environmental issues that are going to directly affect his future. He is also deeply passionate about primates and had the honor of meeting and spending time with Jane Goodall and talking to her about her work, which he deeply admires. He has vowed to use his performance skills to garner funds to open up primate sanctuary’s around the world to help endangered primates from becoming extinct.

Itzcuauhtli continues to inspire all that cross his path, through his performances at community, local, national and international conferences and events. His next journey will take him into the outback of Australia for Birth2012 at the Uplift Festival in December of this year. He is only nine, we can only imagine where his path will lead him!

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